The national team player Younis Eyal Salman succeeded in qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and registering the Jordanian judo presence in the Olympic Games for the second time in a row, after the previous participation of Ibrahim Khalaf in the 2016 Rio Olympics.
About swimming

Judo originated in Japan and is a sport derived from various martial arts developed and used by samurai and feudal warrior classes over hundreds of years. Although many judo techniques originated from arts that were designed to harm, maim, or kill opponents in an actual field battle, judo techniques have been modified so that judo students can practice and apply these techniques safely and without harming opponents.

Jordan Swimming Federation

The Jordanian Judo Federation was established in 1988 and includes about 292 male and female players. The Federation includes 6 centers and 10 clubs. It previously participated in two Olympics in 1996 and 2016.


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